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Mirage Promotions is also a leader in the advertising specialty industry. So what exactly is an advertising or ‘ad’ specialty? Simply put, it’s a promotional item imprinted with a logo or slogan that’s usually given away to promote a company, organization, event, etc. Take a look around your home or office. You’ll probably see tons of items bearing company logos including pens, calendars, and coffee mugs – just to name a few.

In these hard economic times, the importance of brand advertising is extremely vital to a company’s success. Promotional products have an advantage over other media in that they usually have a practical purpose, offer superb repeat exposure for the advertiser’s message, and increase customer awareness. Your company may offer great products and services at competitive prices, but if the general public isn’t aware of your business, you’re competing against countless others that are making their name known through advertising. You’d be surprised at how well promotional giveaways can influence sales and customer interest. Everyone loves getting free gifts and ad specialties provide the perfect means of showcasing your unique products or services to gain market share, encourage repeat business, and entice new customers – all for relatively little investment.

Shopping for promotional items can be a bit overwhelming. Let’s say you Google “promotional products” or “advertising specialties”. The offered results would be almost endless. Even if you narrowed it down to “imprinted pens”, you’ll find that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of suppliers competing for your business. You could spend hours researching and you might get lucky…or the entire process could be a nightmare. Why risk the possible negative scenarios? Trust Mirage – it’s what we do! Let us handle everything for you so that you can put your time to better use. We do all the work and you get to be the hero!

You see, Mirage Promotions is a certified distributor with The Advertising Specialty Institute, or ASI. ASI is the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry. Membership in ASI has been the gold standard for manufacturers and distributors for over 50 years. This elite partnership allows us access to a database of over 750,000 ad specialties, most of which are not directly available to the general public. We can narrow your search down to specific colors, prices, minimums, etc. ‘In fact, we offer this service to you as well through our Promotional Items Search Tool.

Choosing the appropriate promotional item plays a large role in building a company’s image. Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re totally clueless about where to start, Mirage is with you every step of the way. We listen to your ideas and goals and then provide suggestions on products, targeted markets, current specials and popular trends. Our in-house graphic artist lays out your artwork for the product’s specified imprint dimensions from your existing logo or he’ll design you a completely new logo from scratch. And, we never charge for any artwork associated with an order. Once we’re certain you’re thrilled with the design work, we deal directly with the best manufacturers in the industry to ensure you get a quality product that surpasses your expectations. And, in the rare chance that something does go wrong, WE handle this for you as well. From start to finish, we take care of you.

As we mentioned before, it’s important that your advertising specialties compliment your marketing strategy and appeal to your targeted audience. There are numerous products on the market that are relatively inexpensive and make great freebies because of their universal practicality and appeal. T-shirts and hats are always a favorite, but let’s focus on non-apparel items right now. For instance, calendars, notepads, pens, hand sanitizers, and coffee mugs work well for trade shows, seminars, and giveaways to the general public. It’s always good to have a few basic items in your mix of promotional products.

The possibilities for branded merchandise are virtually limitless. For the most part, if you can think of it, we can get it personalized. Be creative, or let us help you find a niche product that portrays your company’s values or personality. When you put your logo or slogan on an item, it becomes a reflection of your organization. While it’s a good idea to keep basic items on hand to give away on a regular basis, you don’t want to thank a loyal client for years of repeat business with just a 50¢ pen. Always try to match the specialty item to the occasion or event, with special emphasis placed upon the recipient. Let’s review a few scenarios and the possible promotional items that would be well received. Keep in mind that as we’ve mentioned before, the possibilities are endless. The following is just to give you ideas.

Corporate gifts are generally of a higher caliber than standard freebies. These are usually reserved for large accounts and special clientele. The promotional gift could be an expression of gratitude for their continued service or even a holiday gift. Your relationship with the recipient determines how personal the gift should be. Food or wine baskets are always popular or you may choose to stick with more executive gift items such as engraved pen sets, debossed portfolios or attaché cases, exquisite paperweights, or even an etched crystal vase or set of glasses. You will be fondly remembered for your thoughtfulness.

Even if you’re a small business, you can advertise effectively with promotional products without disrupting your budget. Keep small, inexpensive items on hand for regular giveaways, but mix in a few mid-scale items based upon your existing clientele or new targeted markets. Be specific and give products that you know will be used to ensure maximum exposure of your brand or logo. For instance, if you deal primarily with contractors or laborers; tape measures, carpenter pencils, or other tools are practical and certain to be appreciated. Your company’s logo will also be right at their fingertips as a constant reminder of your products and services. For landscapers and others with outside jobs, give out cases of personalized bottled water – especially on hot summer days. We guarantee you’ll quickly become a favored supplier! Or, outdoorsmen always appreciate flashlights, coolers, and pocket knives. For customers who work in office settings, branded desk items such as calculators, staplers or notepads are always favorites. Or try something a little different and opt for umbrellas, nail files or manicure sets, customized stress relievers, or key chains. And merchants – never underestimate the advertising impact of printed retail bags for your customers.
To recognize special accomplishments, length of service, or even retirement, plaques and trophies are still favorites. But the selection has vastly improved. Customized acrylic awards are the sweeping trend now, available in tons of unique designs. Gold or silver watches are always highly esteemed rewards and Mirage can supply these for you as well as other jewelry items. But we’ve been told by numerous employees and organizations that the best gifts are the ones given for seemingly no reason at all. What a better way to boost employee morale (and thus increase production as well) than to surprise your team with little hand-outs every now and then for their hard work. And don’t necessarily make it an office item. Show them that you respect their free time with logoed duffle bags, golf balls, beach towels, koozies, tumblers, cd cases, etc. They’ll be proud to be a part of your organization and sport your logo everywhere they go.
The healthcare field provides numerous opportunities to advertise with promotional items. While everyone appreciates free gifts, children especially love being rewarded for their ’braveness’ and good behavior with stickers, toothbrushes, lollipops, keychains, jewelry, and toys. And, they’ll want to visit you again! Delight parents with branded chapstick, hand sanitizers, first aid kits, sunscreen, or other personal care items. Show your concern for patients with imprinted pamphlets on common health concerns. Personalized diaper bags, bottles, bibs, and sippy cups make great gifts for new Mothers. Hospitals can also send newborns home with branded pacifiers, rattles, and teething rings. Other popular wellness items include pill boxes, stress relievers, pedometers, vitamin packs, bottled water, and more.

Show your support with awareness items such as lapel pins, ribbons, magnets, and silicone wristbands. These branded products always make great fund-raiser items for individuals or families dealing with serious medical conditions. Or give them away to show thanks to those who rallied for your cause.

In addition to the numerous apparel items we print or embroider for schools and churches, we can stock your book store and skyrocket your booster club sales with branded merchandise. For everyday items, pens, pencils, rulers, notebooks, car decals and magnets, pennants, and tote bags are just the beginning. Liven up pep rallies and encourage athletic team support with poms, hand clappers, flags, towels, seat cushions, stadium cups and more. Surprise the kids at Vacation Bible School or other summer programs with imprinted tote bags filled with personalized goodies such as crayon and coloring book sets, sports bottles, flying discs, treasure chests, and other fun items. And there are great promotional products for teen groups as well including USB drives, mobile media cases, radios, and sports bags. Get more bang for your buck by choosing popular items that kids will take with them everywhere – providing your church or school with long-reaching exposure.
We admit, Mirage isn’t usually the first place people think of for weddings or graduation parties. But the word is getting out that we can supply fantastic party items personalized for any event – all for our usual low prices and no hassle. For drink ware, choose from a huge selection including styrofoam and stadium cups, shot glasses, acrylic or even crystal wine glasses – and just about everything in between. We can also handle all of your printing needs for napkins, announcements, invitations, menus, thank-you cards and envelopes. Keep your guests cool at outdoor events with hand fans adorned with your message or even photos of the graduate or happy couple. Don’t forget keepsakes to pass out including Save The Date Magnets, koozies, photo frames, candles, cameras, etc.
When friends and family reunite, it’s a celebration…and a great excuse to show off your membership in a special group. While t-shirts, hats, and visors have always been big hits at family reunions, you can also promote your group with ad specialty items. A few of our hottest selling items for reunions include novelty pens, calculators, travel mugs, keyrings, magnets, lapel pins, totes, and note pads. Also, don’t forget the party favors like customized drink ware and balloons. For class reunions, unique plaques, awards, and ribbons are often used in addition to memorabilia items. And, nothing says you can’t capitalize on these events to advertise your own business with promotional items!
Okay, we could go on and on listing the wide variety of branded promotional items that are available, but hopefully you’ve gotten the point. You need to advertise and ad specialties are an effective way to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, and encourage repeat business. Whatever the occasion, Mirage has just the product to display your message, slogan, or logo. Contact us today for the perfect solution for all your promotional needs.

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