Custom Embroidery

Mirage Promotions is your one-stop shop for all of your advertising needs – and that includes embroidered merchandise sewn right here in our Florence, SC facility. While corporate wear and caps are our most popular embroidered items, we can sew your logo or design onto a wide variety of products including bags, fleece, towels, aprons, blankets, jackets, and even sweatshirts and t-shirts. Mirage has over 27 years of experience in designing and sewing custom logos with the same expertise and care that go into all of our work.

Why Embroider?

So what’s all the hype about embroidered apparel and merchandise? Well, once you’ve seen your logo professionally stitched, you’ll understand. Embroidery gives depth and dimension to logos that even the best screen printing can’t touch. We all know how important first impressions are, especially when competing for business in this tough economy. Embroidered corporate wear and work apparel lend an air of sophistication and professionalism to any group.

We cannot stress enough the huge role branded promotional products play in building a group’s image. Because custom embroidered items generally give the impression of prestige, integrity, and success, they make excellent advertising tools. Just like screen printed t-shirts, embroidered corporate wear, polos, uniforms and caps are essentially walking billboards – whether you outfit your group or give them away.

FREE Logo Evaluation & Design

The majority of companies already have established logos that are widely recognized by the public. Since most of these were originally created for documents such as letterhead and business cards, screen printing these designs is generally not a problem. However, converting that same image into a 3-D embroidered logo could present a few issues. While embroidery has its advantages, it also has certain limitations that must be considered. Due to both thread thickness and needle size, text must not be smaller that ¼” tall in order to maintain a crisp, well-defined appearance. The overall size of a logo can also be a factor when re-sizing it for different merchandise. Alterations may be necessary to eliminate small text and very fine lines and details that won’t sew legibly.

E-mail us or bring in your current logo and we’ll evaluate it for embroidery. Our staff will advise you of any potential trouble areas and discuss possible resolutions – absolutely FREE. If you decide to proceed with the embroidery process, we’ll revise your design (if necessary) for optimal results – again, at our expense. But that’s not all…If you’d like to purchase embroidered merchandise from us but you don’t have a logo at all, our graphic artist will design one for you – for FREE! This applies to screen printing and promotional items as well. At Mirage, there are never any hidden artwork fees with any purchase from us!

The Art of Digitizing

To understand the embroidery process, as well as its advantages and limitations, you must first understand the central element of embroidery – digitizing. This is the process of converting your logo into a series of stitches and then into a format that is recognized by our computerized embroidery machines. Basically, this digitized file tells our machines exactly how to sew each stitch of your design. As with anything these days, there are tons of digitizing software programs on the market and embroidery companies seem to be popping up everywhere offering cheap or even free digitizing. Buyer Beware! It’s extremely important to use a professional for this process to receive all of the benefits embroidery can offer.

Digitizing is truly a combination of art and science. Careful consideration must be given to each element of the design with regards to stitch type and direction, fill patterns, light effects, and thread count. And this needs to be done before any software is used. Otherwise, you may as well just screen print your logo. As with anything else, Bad In = Bad Out. A quality digitizer will optimize the 3-D appearance of embroidery and make your logo pop with depth and texture.

Digitizing Costs

Yes, we do digitize in-house at Mirage; however, that’s not our area of expertise. If your logo is only text or a very simple design, we can usually digitize this for you at a flat rate of $35.00. For more complex designs with intricate details, we’d prefer to use our long-time digitizing partner who’s one of the best in the industry and painstakingly digitizes every design by hand. After all, we want you to look your best. If we ever digitize a logo in-house that doesn’t exceed your expectations (or ours) and has to be sent off, we never charge you for our attempt.

Our contract digitizing fees are based upon thread count, or the number of stitches in the design – which is standard practice for this industry. But some unscrupulous companies will take advantage of this. At Mirage, we understand that sometimes less is more. We’ll always refine your logo before sending it off to ensure that we’ve given you the best possible design with the least possible amount of stitches. And, of course, we keep you involved every step of the way and never proceed with any digitizing until you’ve approved the design and the estimated one-time fee.

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